Volatility is the Norm, not the Exception: Sensitivity and Driver-Based Modeling

In a volatile world where change is the norm, understanding the financial impact of changes in commodity prices and key business drivers is mission critical. Planning, budgeting and forecasting best practices include focusing on key business drivers and forecasting fewer line items – those that have a material impact on the bottom line. See how an Oracle ERP and global oil and gas company, Occidental Petroleum, uses Oracle Hyperion Planning to budget using drivers, models the result of price and volume changes, and incorporates other best practices as part of its recent global Oracle EPM implementation.

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Hyperion Planning Approvals – “Out-of-the-Box” and Other Custom-Built Methods

The Hyperion Planning Approval Process will be demonstrated in this session and its functionality will be compared and contrasted to the previous Workflow functionality. The use of task list functionality will also be shown, as well as other custom-built methods to more easily track approvals using Hyperion Planning forms. Examples of using Hyperion Financial Reporting to report on entities/departments that are complete/incomplete will also be demonstrated.

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